Celebrating 60 Years of love , encouragement and a fun loving spirit

My mom turned 60 last week.  Which is so hard to believe considering how amazing she looks!About a month or so before the big day, I sent emails and Facebook messages to as many friends and famil11169902_10205181422889673_6138153807411054053_ny members as I could to get them in on the secret. (I'm sorry if I missed you!!)  The idea was that Mom would open 60 individual envelopes, representing the 60 years, on her birthday.  I asked for photos, letters, special memories - whatever came to mind when they thought of her.  I wanted her to see that in these 60 years she has meant the world to more people than she could ever know.

The response was overwhelming - although I'm not sure why I was surprised, my mom is genuinely the most incredible & fun loving woman I've ever known - and it was so neat to experience different ages of my mother through everyone else's eyes.

We gave her the stacked envelopes while at her birthday dinner and her reaction, as well as everyone else at dinner, was one of happy tears and humbleness.  She would read through a few and we would reminisce and read through a few more.  She ended up finishing the rest of them later that night but she was truly over the moon.

I could kick my self for not taking more photos through the process or of the actual opening but oh well.  She will forever have those memories and will forever know how much she has meant to those around her.  All in all it was a great surprise.  We'll see what will happen at 70!


(I did manage to snag a photo of the envelopes after she opened them all. I just <3 Air Mail envelopes.)

xoxo, Alana


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