Whimsical Book Themed Shower for Baby Hayden Lane

This past weekend we hosted a whimsical book themed couples baby shower at a friends house for little Hayden Lane.  Friends and family alike joined together to make this day extra special for Katherine & Tate.  What was really special was the two DIY stations where guests had the opportunity to make custom onesies & headbands.  Naturally the guys took creative liberties into their own hands when it came to onesie designs... let's just say Hayden definitely has a couple onesies that would be ideal for super messes.  This little one is almost ready to meet the world and she is already loved so much.  Now the true countdown begins!  

Venue: Houck Hotel | Shower Decor: Lexer & Laner Party Planners | Floral Arrangements: Your's truly | 

Alana Buffington