Last Year's Birthday Bash in Sunny San Diego

*As I really ramp up the site/blog for Looking for Lane, I'm trying to clean up/out my back log of trips we've taken over the past two years that I just never got around to editing pictures or posting online. Bear with me over the next week or so as I'm hoping to accomplish just that!*

Last July we took a long birthday weekend trip to San Diego to visit Robby's cousin Jared.  I've never been to the SD area and Robby had only spent about 24 hours there when he drove cross country with Jared to move him out there, so we were excited for a mini vacay and a chance to explore what many people consider a true paradise.  We kicked off the weekend in Pacific Beach, then headed over to La Jolla for breakfast at Coffee Cup and ended up spending most of the morning & afternoon at La Jolla, kayaking around the cove to the caves to check out the seals.   We definitely did not plan on being out on the water for as long as we were so when we finally made it back we made a bee line to Galaxy Taco for margaritas... and they were quite tasty!  We ended the day exploring Balboa park, which normally would have been a photographers playground but I was a dummy and didn't bring mine with me... I will not make that mistake ever again!!  Dinner at Cucina Urbana was amazing and the celeb citings weren't too shabby either.  Us old fogeys didn't stay out too long the first night but I know there would have been plenty to do if we hadn't been so lame.  

Day 2 was just as packed!  Kicked off the day grabbing coffee at Cafe Virtuoso on the way to what is known as THE most authentic baja tacos in SD - La Fachada.  The food was legit and even though I had the vegetarian option, it was still delicious.  Some of the boys ordered tacos lengua... aka cow TONGUE.  It looked disgusting... but they swear it was good.  I beg to differ but to each his own.  Post taco fix, we wandered downtown to check out Little Italy's weekend market where we taste tested samples at every booth and ended up getting a tiny creme brûlée to represent my Birthday cake.  It was the perfect overcast day to ferry over to Coronado Island and bike around.  We had a minor snag in the day when Robby lost his wallet, but other than that it was the perfect birthday.  

Even though we had a super short day Sunday, we managed to squeeze in a ton of last minute must sees for the trip.  Bird Rock Coffee Roasters for caffeine, Devil's Dozen for incredibly fresh & tasty donuts, pit stop at Sunset Cliffs for some lasting views and lunch at Liberty Public Market.  

We'll be back soon and we'll pick up where we left off!!