Sunday Funday on the Chattahoochee

This weekend was perfect.  I was supposed to be stuck inside all weekend, but plans were canceled and thank goodness because the weather was incredible!!  Saturday was a super lazy for me - sunbathing & movie watching - and then Sunday, after taking then teaching at Thunderbolt Power Yoga, my husband and I headed north to spend the rest of the day at Island Ford, Chattahoochee Nature Park.  It normally ends up being me and the guys and this adventure was no different.  Robby caught the first and only true catch of the day and the pups and I enjoyed sunbathing on the rocks.  After a few hours on the rocks we worked up an appetite and headed to downtown Roswell for some of our favorite BBQ (which also happened to be our wedding food!) Swallow at the Hollow.  Summer time is just around the corner, I can feel it now!! 

Alana Buffington