Kitchen Renovation (Finally)

Whoaaa it’s been a hot minute. It’s been a busy but full past 8 months and I’m finally here to share images from our kitchen renovation, because oh yeah, we bought a house (!!) in January and moved in around May. The house was pretty much move in ready but we decided to gut the kitchen and update the master bathroom before we moved in as our lease still had 5 months left. I am so grateful that we did not try to live in the mess of this reno. I would have been a total basket case because of all the dust and dirt everywhere. The whole project took close to 8 weeks to renovate because we took down walls, moved & added some plumbing… and so much more. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I only have 2 before pix to show the scope of the project. It turned out better than I ever dreamed it would and we love it so much (even tho it’s in the burbs) and we’re slowly but surely making it our own. Enjoy the transformation!!

XO Lane

Alana BuffingtonComment