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Chiang Mai, Thailand: Bua Thong Waterfall & northern Thai country side

Our last day in Chiang Mai was spent on a motorbike exploring the Northern Thailand countryside.  We'd heard about this waterfall, Bua Thong, that was considered a must see from a friend and it was truly a one of a kind experience.  Because of the mineral deposits the water leaves as it flows over the rocks, you can literally climb up (or run up, like the local kids were doing) the waterfall with no support what so ever.  They've calcified which makes them feel almost feel spongey yet grippy to the touch.  The first few steps up were ones of uncertainty but then as the kids continued to speed past us on both sides, we decided it was safe enough to get off all fours and walk up-right!  

The view from the top was spectacular, it's a never ending sea of lush green jungle, mountain views.  After we'd had our fill of waterfalls and jungle views, we decided to try out the local fare nearby.  We hadn't tempted fate with street food yet and decided today was the day.  I'm not much of a meat eater but on the trip I had to open up my menu options and this chicken was well worth it.  It was by far the best lunch we had the entire trip and the cheapest.  After we ate an entire chicken and some weird flavored potato chips (maybe wasabi ketchup?), we took a few detours to explore the country side.  The surrounding mountains provided the perfect backdrop for our off-the-main-road-ing experience and I'm pretty sure I captured a photo of every banana leaf on our ride (as seen below).   Songkran festival was still in full swing (in Chiang Mai it lasts for 4 full days) and thankfully we only get drenched 3-4 times during the entire ride.  Although one of those times we almost lost control of the bike because of the force behind the huge bucket of water... my husband slowed down from then on when we saw mischievous kiddos in the distance.  It was an amazing last day in the countryside before we took our journey south. 

Enjoy the adventure!  Lane  (PS. yes I had my camera out the entire time Robby was driving... and yes I was holding on to it for dear life... a photog's gotta do what she's gotta do!)