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4 of the Big 5 at Motzwari Safari: South Africa

It only took me 7 months to finish these photos but here we are on the last day of 2016! 

Our last stop in South Africa was a few days at Safari within the Timbavati Reserve just outside of Kruger National Park.  We flew from Port Elizabeth to Hoedspruit and from there hopped in a car to the reserve.  I couldn't tell you how I found our resort but it was truly a gem.  We felt like royalty and it wasn't remotely as expensive to the neighboring reserves.  

The main reserve was called Motswari but we stayed in a more secluded area called Geiger Camp, where there were only 4 rooms, a max of 8 people.  It was heavenly, and the perfect, most peaceful way to end the trip.  The food was incredible, the service was impeccable and the animal viewing was amazing!  We saw 4 of the big 5 which we were pleased with.... and Lion's are hard to come by especially when there is no pride located within the reserve.   These are a few of the best shots from our game drives.  Enjoy! 

There are 3 photos toward the end of this gallery where it shows a sort of raised platform and Robby drinking a cup of coffee.  This was an amazing opportunity that the resort offered call the Giraffe's nest.  It was an open air, canopy top, glorified tree house and it was awesome.  They dropped us off after the night game drive and there was a romantic dinner waiting for us.  The structure is built next to a major watering hole which provides heavy traffic during the nights.  We watched a water buffalo take a mud bath and witnessed a gang of male elephants battle for close to 2 hours.  Needless to say I was terrified, because there was nothing keeping a leopard from jumping up and eating us, but Robby was in heaven.  Once the animals calmed down we went to bed in this glorious king sized bed and opened up the canopy roof to star gaze.  I've never experienced stars like that night and I expect I never will again.  It was breath taking.  The milky way was actually so bright that its brightness was polluting the rest of the surrounding stars.  It was incredible. 

Enough chatting... enjoy the rest of the photos and this rare view of a wild dog pack!