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New York. My first love.

My husband has been traveling a ton since he started his new job and lucky for me, one of those long trips was only a hop, skip & jump from my home away from home... NYC!  Normally when we visit we have crazy packed days but this time we had zero plans and it was truly magical.  

Our day started by visiting two of my husbands favorite spots, the Highline & Chelsea Market.  After getting our steps in and devouring some delicious tacos (because duh, tacos are life) we trained east to Madison Square Park to Eatly's biergarten.  But as soon as we got above ground we stumbled upon a BBQ + Beer festival in the park which ended up grabbing our attention for the better part of the afternoon until we finally made our way across the street to Eatly.  It really baffles me that I didn't visit Eatly more when I lived up there because MAN...our wine & cheese was delish.  

Where were we.... post tacos, beer, margs, cheese + wine, the only next logical step was cookies and as every New Yorker knows, Levain's is the only true chocolate chip cookie baker who really matters in NYC.  Ever since Oprah announced that it was on her 'favorite's list' the place has been swamped with tourist & locals alike, but the 30 min wait didn't deter our chocolate craving hearts.    

Finally, after what seemed like eternity and in the midst of our cookie coma, we found our way over to the American Museum of Natural History - which was literally the ONLY thing my husband wanted to do on our day in the city - just to find out they had already closed for the day.  (Note to self: I owe him a full day at the museum during our next trip)  While we were incredibly bummed out & were trying to plan our next move, we took the following few moments to take in the bustling city.  It's in those moments when I truly miss the city.  But then in an instant we're off again, in a cab and heading down to Greenwich.  We found this gem of an italian restaurant, on a little side street that I couldn't even point out to you now, and it was some of the best food we'd had since Siena, herself!  

I miss NY every day but I'm grateful for these weekends of bliss and for how Atlanta has filled so much of the void I missed from this vibrant city.  Until next time, my love. XO Lane